I have had back pain for the better part of 9 years due to an accident at work. Having been to doctors with no results, getting cortisone shots that only lasted a couple of months and to chiropractors where the relief was temporary, I decided to try Acupuncture. Nim was the first acupuncturist that I have ever been to and I felt relief from the very first visit to him. His approach to acupuncture is combined with his philosophy and the belief that the body can heal itself given the right motivations. I am proof that his technique can and does work. The relief I have been given is priceless and the quality of my life has greatly improved with his treatments.

~ Bonnie R.

Nim is a marvel. He has reduced my pain to nil, encouraged me to live my life and live my dreams. He is a professional acupuncturist with a sincere concern, a touch of philosophy topped with a sense of humor; no one does it better. I am forever grateful to him for setting me on the path to a better, and pain free life.

~ Jan J.

Being Nim’s patient has changed my life. I have better circulation in my body. I have more energy. I have cut out all processed foods from my diet and I am FEELING so much better! Nim is truly a valuable asset in our health community. I would refer anyone I know to him for acupuncture, massage, and herbal medicine. I am truly feeling healthy and continue to get healthier. Thanks to Nim.

~ Taylor V.

Nim is truly a healer from the heart…

~ Zaakera S.

I saw Nim for acupuncture treatment up to three times a week for over a year. When I first started I had depression, anxiety, was not sleeping, and had various physical complaints. From the first interview, Nim was so kind and compassionate. From his feedback to me I felt that he understood my experience. I think I was a bit difficult to treat because my symptoms kept shifting but he was always patient and clearly aware of how emotional and physical issues are so deeply enterwined. His treatments were always gentle and thorough. I could see him tune into his intuition to identify what may be the underlying cause of my distress. I am impressed by Nim’s knowledge and skill and always felt that was truly invested in my well being.

~ Mary T.

I have been using acupuncture treatments since the mid 1990’s when my Family Physician made an appointment for me, since he could not get my sinus problems under control. Since this time I have been using acupuncture for most of all my aliments.

I met Nimulrith (Nim) Seth, about a year and half ago at the Acupuncture and Wellness Clinic in Poulsbo. After I met Nim, I learned so much about myself, how to listen to my body, he was able to explain to me how my body function and what I can do to become a healthier person. Something that I did not get from my family doctor.

His approach is more of a holistic approach to whole body, and he does not want me to depend on chemicals/medications; there are times that it is necessary for me to go see a doctor, but he would be the first that I would seek for any advice in regard to my health. I can only say, I highly recommend him. I felt so much better. I have a lot more energy; I cannot thank him enough for what he has done for me, he just took my experience with Chinese Medicine to another whole level.

~ Irmgard D.

I am writing this because I was in pain and now I am not. My wife originally went for acupuncture for migraine headaches and with acupuncture and Chinese herbs the headaches were gone. If it worked for her I thought it would work for me and it did. My problems were with low back pain, neck pain, a severe case of golfers elbow and generally not feeling energetic. The acupuncture relieves the pain but the Chinese herbs are what have made me feel great.

If you are thinking of trying acupuncture then you are probably in some kind of pain. I myself do not want to take pharmaceutical drugs with all the side effects. The Chinese herbs are food grade and have no side effects.

Nims understanding of pulse technology and how the body works is amazing. I am sure if you listen to Nim and do what he recommends you will feel a lot better have more energy and enjoy a life free of pain.

~ Jeff

Nim is the best acupuncturist and Chinese medicine practitioner that I have ever been to. Prior to seeing Nim, I had nearly 50 visits to another acupuncture clinic with only minor relief. Over the past four months (about 20 visits), he has almost completely reset my nervous system, which is saying a lot considering the extreme drug and alcohol abuse that I put myself through.

On top of the incredible acupuncture treatment, his knowledge of herbalism and tender patient care have far surpassed that of any doctor I have ever seen, whether Eastern or Western. The conversations we have about spirituality have really enhanced the treatment and helped me to evolve my consciousness. I get the feeling that Nim has given 100% of himself to my treatment after every single session.

Please, if you are looking for treatment that is supra mundane, go see Nim. He has truly aided in the transmutation of my mind, body, and spirit.

~ Jake D.